Did Yeshua Teach Biblical Astronomy To Pharisees?

Biblical Astronomy In The Gospels?

Before we jump to the Biblical Astronomy and Signs of the Time let’s reside on Finnish Ground down on Earth for a while. In Finland there ‘s a saying which goes like “On säitä pidellyt”. Which goes into the category of small-talk about the current weather if people don’t know what to talk. While this does not mean the Finns cannot talk, the Finns are the People of The Weather-Talk. The weather plays major role in Finnish sayings and doings everyday. When two Finns meet there’s always the weather. When two Finns make a deal there’s always the weather. And eventually when the two Finns say “Palataan!” (See you) there it is again: the weather!

Religious Weather-Talk

He replied to them, “You say, ‘Red sky at night, what a delight! Red sky in the morning, cloudy and storming.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, yet you can’t interpret the signs of the times? (Matthew 16:2-3)

We see here that there were kind of a Weather-People in the Days of Yeshua too. The Biblical Days. They were known as the Pharisees. While there’s nothing bad in the Finnish (or any) Weather Talk, our Savior’s point to this Very Group of Pharisees (not all Pharisees) was awaking them from their spiritual slumber. Regarding their wrong perspective on interpreting the sky. Which was the Physical Appearance of the sky. Instead of the Prophetic Message the Signs of the Times (in the sky) declared.



Did Yeshua Try To Remind Pharisees of The Mazzaroth?

Together with the Hebrew Prophecies these Signs of the Times were crying the Coming of the Messiah. To that Specific Generation in the History of Israel! The Signs both in the Heavens AND Earth. Yes. But we will focus in this article on the Celestial Side of the Signs. As we do on our Website in the first place because we are the Ministry of Mazzaroth. Biblical Astronomy.

With that being said some of Israelites of that time did not recognize the Messiah but many did. Because they knew how to interpret the Signs according to the Ancient Hebraic Astronomical understanding. Which was common knowledge both in the Ancient Israel, Near-East and all around the world. Because the Stars were and are Universal Language even today. The Stars or Rare and Very Rare Signs such as Planetary Alignments and Conjunctions in specific Constellations on the Lord’s Feast Days have cried both the First and the Second Coming of the Messiah. For thousands of years. From the Foundations of the World all the way to the Gospels and the Prophecies in Revelation.

That’s not the only time the Messiah had to awake religious people going astray from something which was important. Not from the most weightiest matters of the Torah alone. But also from the Spirit of the Torah. And interpretation of the Messianic Prophecies which Testify of Yeshua together with the Signs in the sky. Overall Healthy Spiritual Life. Where the interpretation of the Signs in the sky – in the Spirit of Prophecy (which is Testimony of Messiah) still play important role On This Day. But are we as Yeshua’s Followers able to interpret His Signs in the sky?

The Gospels Are Both Sermon & History

The Gospel Stories which are according to the scholars the most accurate and detailed historical documentation of Jewish life and religion in the 1st Century. They are filled with discussions like this. Between the Nazarene Rabbi and the religious leaders of the most influential Branches of Judaism that time.  On contrary to the popular incorrect perspective within mainstream Christian theology, the debate between Jesus and the Pharisees and the Sadducees, was not about Should the Torah be kept in general. But How the Torah should be kept. In addition to the Torah-Talk, the same principle applies to the Mazzaroth-Talk as well. Or the interpretation of the Signs in the sky. The heart of the matter is not about Should Christians has to do anything with the Signs in the sky. But as has been said How Christians should interpret the Signs in the sky.

The Rabbi’s point on Matthew 16 was not about rebuking someone of the interpretation the appearance of the sky itself. But their complete ignorance of the Signs of the Times the skies projected and still project on this day and hour for all people to see. Which are for example the Blood Moons and September 23 2107. There were certainly Signs in the Sun, the Moon and the Stars in the Biblical Days (which Yeshua pointed to in Matthew 16) and even today. But nothing has changed from the Ancient Days. People are still the same and do the same mistakes. Based on ignorance or doubt. Just listen what our Lord and Savior said what will happen in the End-times, on our Day and Age:

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars…And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:23…28)

Why I brought this up? Because the very issue or attitude in the Pharisaic interpretation of the sky in Matthew is no different than in the modern interpretation of the sky. Within both Christian and Jewish religions. …which fall into the ignorance of Pharisees because of the incorrect interpretation of Signs in the sky. The Celestial End-time Signs.

The Blood Moons, Solar Eclipses & Planetary Alignments Are For Signs

No doubt. Nobody who really loves to know the Truth cannot just ignore the Signs in the Sun, the Moon and the Stars these days from the Blood Moons to September 23 2017 and Beyond. That means more Great Signs are coming! If there’s at least a Mustard Seed of Faith left in the hearts of the King’s Servants who anticipate His Return to Earth, then both the Recent and the Coming Celestial End-time Signs in the sky just can-not be ig-no-red by the Followers of Yeshua. Just because of some fellows in Social Media took some Biblical Astronomical Concepts from here and there, made Youtube videos on when the Rapture would happen, and kept letting their followers understand they are trustworthy in their (incorrect) interpretation of the Signs in the Heavens.

Even to the point of promising to their audience our Redemption Drawing Nigh! I kept my eye on this phenomenon and analyzing it when people really begun railing about it. Were interesting insights and good points presented? Definitely yes, but the knowledge and understanding alone doesn’t make anyone a Messenger of God’s Mazzaroth or a Bible Teacher.

While they had (and still have) zeal for God and their focus was right on the Blood Moons and Sept 23 2017: the Signs of the End-times in the Sun, the Moon and the Stars (again please keep Luke 21:25-28 in mind), their interpretation of the Signs failed. Which was the timing of the Rapture (Resurretion). Which didn’t happened! Unfortunately these Self-Appointed teachers are NOT called by YHVH the Creator God to the Ministry of Biblical Astronomy (or The Mazzaroth). The God who set all the Celestial Bodies in the Firmanent For Signs (Genesis 1:14-21)…and who eventually said to His Followers that they should keep looking up and is expecting them to have the ability to interpret the Signs of Time. As has been said in the context: Signs in the Sky / Heavens.

Which Are NOT For Celestial Church Signs Nor Horoscope Scam!

According to one of the most valued Torah-Teacher I have listened for years, a Sign of a True Teacher is this: Message and Calling from Elohim in a Long-Term (Eternal Perspective). Not knowledge and understanding alone. So, when choosing whom to listen on the interpretation of both the Historical and Modern Signs in the sky in the Biblical Salvation History and Futuristic Prophecy, be careful where you invest your Time, Energy and Money.

The Blood Moon Phenomenon Is Not Over Yet

With all this being said you may be haunted by the question on what’s the Meaning and Message of the much hyped Blood Moon Tetrad 2014-2015 to our generation. All the way to yesterday’s Total Lunar Eclipse over Jerusalem (July 27th 2018). Check out this Mathematically Mindblowing Observation with Neat Star Charts by Watchman Alexander. And why we are still in it to the year 2019! I believe it will help you the same way it helped me and inspire you to Live for YHVH & Yeshua even more!

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