Gospel In The Stars

The Heavens Portray His Story?

Sit back, take a deep breath and let your soul rest by meditating on Elohim your God while watching this video presentation together with relaxing soundscapes from the Middle-East:

Note!: The Julian date 2 BCE in the video corresponds the Gregorian date (3 BCE). So please don’t be confused. We use the Julian Reckoning in our Star Charts and Teachings because it is still in use today in the Common Astronomy all over the world and Astronomy Software such as Stellarium.org

The video is our humble Introduction to our core teaching (under construction for this page) which will help you to understand more what the Mazzaroth and Biblical Astronomy is really about. On the contrary to the Christian star prediction running ranpart these days. You will also learn why the misinterpreted Blood Moons and September 23rd 2017 was only the scratch on the surface and what the major interest in the Signs in the Heavens is all about in the guiding light of the Rare Historical Celestial Events orchestrated by the Maker of Heavens. Stay tuned for more Full In-Depth Six Episodes of Studies with Neat Information Packed Biblical Star Charts of the Rare Celestial Signs in the Biblical Salvation History. In the Life and Ministry of Yeshua HaMashiach – From Virgo to Leo like this one:

If you are His beloved you have come to the right place because He tells the story of the stars to those He calls by names
(Psalm 147:4 according to the alternative understanding of the original Hebrew text)