We are Mazzaroth Maniacs. The Ministry of Biblical Hebrew Astronomy. With Radiating Star Light and Bible on our hands, we guide Modern Man to interpret the Skies in the light of the Ancient Messianic Prophecies.

So that God’s People would lift up their eyes and encourage one another in such a time as this. And secondly so that even those who don’t know the Creator of the universe would get to know Him and His Salvation Plan in His Only Begotten Son, Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ).

This Revelation changed our life and it will do that for you as well. No matter who you are or what you are going through this Cosmic Revelation holds Messiah’s Resurrection Power and Empowers you to live as more than a Conqueror in Him. We know because years ago in this Force we defeated the Gates of Death! That is our personal Testimony & Worship Service to The King and that’s why cannot remain silent. In the Steps of Abraham & Spirit of Daniel which is the Primitive Form of Worship & More than Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh!

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Still Not Sure What To Do With This? Be Still And Know That God Calls You.

PSALM 147:4
“He (YHVH-God) tells the story of the stars to those he calls by name”:

Fallen Mankind is given The Promise of The Seed of The Woman who is Born
of the Chosen Virgin Nation (BETHULAH / VIRGO).

The Seed of the Woman is paying Price that is Sufficient (MOZANAIM / LIBRA)
by Crushing the Serpent’s Head (AKRAB / SCORPIO).

The Seed of the Woman is piercing the Heart of the Devil (KESITH / SAGITTARIUS)
through the Sacrifice (GEDI / CAPRICORN).

The Seed of the Woman is Pouring Blessings (DELI / AQUARIUS) for the Redeemed
of the Two Scattered Houses (DAGIM / PISCES).

At the End of Time, the Seed of the Woman is to Return as the Lamb which was Slain
(TALEH / ARIES), Judge All Nations in Righteousness (SHUR / TAURUS) and Assemble His Congregation.

The Seed of the Woman will then be both the Savior and the Lord (TAUMIM / GEMINI)
and Unite all of His Sheep into a One Single Herd (KLARIA / CANCER).

The Lion from the Tribe of Judah is to Rule and Reign The Twelve Tribes of Israel
and All Nations, for the Final Victory will be His (ARIEH / LEO)!

Thank You Honorable Wanderer & Stay Tuned!

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