Biblical Astronomy (Mazzaroth) FAQ

Q #1: Astronomy – It’s All Evil And Pagan Isn’t It?

Firstly are cars from the devil because pagans (non-believers in the God of the Bible) use cars? And were even involved in the invention and deveploment of automobile? Or how about toothbrush or any everyday thing which could very well be invented by some pagan on some corner of the planet Earth? Is the observance of Full Moon or New Moon Crescent a pagan evil thing? Or watching the sunset? Northern lights? Shooting stars and so on? All evil and pagan? Come on!

Lastly what to think about a lovely Christian couple gazing some stars together on the neighborhood in warm still night and praising the Maker of Heavens? Occult black arts! – Or is it? We will conclude our legitimate answer by pointing to the Hebrew Prophets who were aware of the ancient God-given Star Names. Which they used in the most familiar Old Testament Messianic Prophecies. If the Star Names have been set by God then Astronomy in general has to be a good and righteous thing even if it’s message is twisted by Pagan religions.

Q #2: What The Bible Say About The Stars?

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Q #3: Origin of Constellations?

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Q #4: Why Planets Are Included In The Biblical Astronomy Even If They Are Not Mentioned In The Bible?

While it is true that both the original Hebrew Scripture and at least the most common Bible translations don’t mention “planets”, it does not mean the planets were foreign idea to authors of the Scripture and/or they should be excluded. Modern word planet is derived from it’s Greek origin, planetees. Which simply means wanderer. Or “skywalker” if you will! For some reason many Bible readers who are not familiar with etymology without mentioning Biblical Astronomy in general, may think  “the planets are not in the Bible”.

As both the Greek origin and myriad of astronomical Bible passage suggest, the planets are in the Bible – with different names: starswandering stars and the stars in their courses. As we read for example in Judges 5:20. In the light of the Bible and Hebrew Astronomy the planets are included in the category of stars. When there is a mention of star in the Bible it could very well mean planet, a wandering star. Depending on the context. The most familiar story of a wandering star / planet is in the 2nd chapter of the Gospel according to Matthew which led the Magi to the King. We will describe “His Star” more in the next question.

Q #5: What Was The Star of Betlehem?

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