Biblical Astronomy (Mazzaroth) FAQ

Q #1: Astronomy – It’s All Evil And Pagan Isn’t It OR Biblical Worship?

Firstly are cars from the devil because pagans (non-believers in the God of the Bible) use cars? And were even involved in the invention and deveploment of automobile? Or how about tooth brush or any everyday thing which could very well be invented by some pagan on some corner of the planet Earth? Is the observance of Full Moon or New Moon Crescent a pagan evil thing? Or watching the sunset? Northern lights? Shooting stars and so on? All evil and pagan? Come on!

Lastly what to think about a lovely Christian couple gazing some stars together on the neighborhood in warm still night and praising the Maker of Heavens? Occult black arts?! It just cannot be that way. We will conclude our legitimate answer by pointing to the Biblical Patriarchs and Hebrew Prophets who were aware of the ancient God-given Star Names and Constellations. Beginning from Orion and Big Dipper (see Job 38:31-33). The Prophets of Israel used common Star Names in the most familiar Old Testament Messianic Prophecies when it was about the righteous BRANCH. The Root of David. The Messiah. If the Star Names and Constellations have been set by God and they will help our eyes to be fixed only and alone on Him, then Astronomy in general has to be all Good and Righteous thing. Even if it’s deep Spiritual Message got perverted by the horoscope astrology and idol worship.

According to our personal everyday experiences under His Stars we will even suggest that Ancient Astronomy in it’s original pure form was the primitive and one of the deepest forms of Prayer & Worship. Which enabled people around the world to kneel before their Very Maker and seek His Face. Until This Day! Astronomy is Gift from Heaven. Not for a knowledge overdose but for Set-Apart Tool of Worship for the God’s People and Healthy Lifestyle under the Skies. That’s our Testimony of the Power of Astronomy. What is Yours?

Q #2: What The Bible Say About The Stars?

To some it may be surprising to hear that the Bible speaks about the Stars and even Zodiac Signs (not horoscopes which are different thing) in highly positive tone. The same applies to the Constellations or the Signs of the Zodiac (Hebrew: Mazzaroth) as has been said. Which are star patterns build of individual Stars named by God. Yes, God did not only make the Stars but set them for Signs together with the Sun and the Moon (Gen 1:14-21) and named the Stars as well. As we see in Psalm 147:4, Isaiah 40:26.

According to scholars and all the evidence the God-given ancient names of the Stars have been preserved throughout thousands of years in all major ancient civilizations and primitive languages of the world until This Day. From Hebrew to Copt (Egypt) all the way to Greek, Latin and Arabic, it seems the Star names tell the Same Story of The Promised Seed of the Woman (Gen 3:15). The Redeemer of fallen mankind. Yeshua The Messiah (Jesus Christ). While the Names have been translated from language to another, their meaning have remained the same or very similar.

The ancient Star names in the most ancient Constellations are still preserved in Common Astronomy all over the world. This speaks of God keeping extremely good care of His Word both on the Biblical Scrolls and Open Scroll of the Heavens.

As the Common Bible translations say: God has fixed the number of the Stars and called each of them by their names. While this is correct understanding, according to the alternative understanding of the original Hebrew text in Psalm 147:4, the Astronomical Revelation goes even more deeper: God tells the story of the Stars to those He calls by names!

Are you called by God by your name? Then according to the Bible the Story of the Stars belongs to you too!

As has been said the Star names which meanings have remained the same or very similar in all major Skycultures, have Prophetic Meanings. In the light of the First & Second Coming of the Messiah: Firstly as The Heavenly High Priest Born of The Chosen Virgin Nation (Virgo, Hebrew: BETHULAH which means “virgin”) and finally as the Conquering King (Leo, Hebrew: ARIEH which means “ravenous lion“)! This is the Celestial Spectacle which the God-given Stars names and Constellations (or Zodiac Signs) portray for all people to see all over the world. No matter are we in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. The Core Message of the Star names (which corresponds Gen 3:15) is repeated in various Constellations from different perspective. Like glorious sides on the most precious jewel on Astronomer’s Turban.

All in all together with History, Etymology and Astronomy, this is the Heart of the Matter and only the scratch on the surface on what the Bible says about the Stars. Or how the Scripture should be interpreted in the light of History & Astronomy when it speaks about the Stars and God giving names for them. The strong scientific evidence does not lie but always verifies the Biblical Truths. Let that sink and start doing some Biblical Astronomy through individual Research and Practice. It will change your relationship with the King and your entire life because the Story of the Stars belongs to You too!

Q #3: What Constellations Are & How Did They Originate?

We kind of answered to this question already in the Q2 because the Stars and Constellations go hand in hand. And are one and the same both in Science and Biblical Narrative. But lets do it anyways because Constellations (or the Common Twelve Zodiac / Mazzaroth Signs) and their meaning need some further explanation which will blow your mind…STAY TUNED FOR MORE!

Q #4: Why Planets Are Included In The Biblical Astronomy Even If They Are Not Mentioned In The Bible?

While it is true that both the original Hebrew Scripture and at least the most common Bible translations don’t mention “planets”, it does not mean the planets were foreign idea to authors of the Scripture and/or they should be excluded. Modern word planet is derived from it’s Greek origin, planetees. Which simply means wanderer. Or “skywalker” if you will! For some reason many Bible readers who are not familiar with etymology without mentioning Biblical Astronomy in general, may think  “the planets are not in the Bible”.

As both the Greek origin and myriad of astronomical Bible passages suggest, the planets are in the Bible – with different names: starswandering stars…And the stars in their courses which provided heavy “Celestial Close Air Support” for the Israelite Army as we read for example in Judges 5:20. At least from the poetic perspective.

With all this being said in the light of the Bible and Ancient Israelite Astronomy, the planets should be included to the Category of Stars. When there is a mention of a star in the Bible it could very well mean a planet, a wandering star. Depending on the context. The most familiar story of a wandering star is in the 2nd chapter of the Gospel according to Matthew. Or “His Star” which led the Magi, Ancient Astronomers to the King and to KNEEL before Him! Once again we see here that Astronomy served as a Form of Worship. So, we ask could this Beloved Bible Story be more Chrystal-Clear example of the Primitive Meaning of Astronomy? Off the smart devices and screen now and have a Powerful Prayer Walk outside under His Stars – in the Magi’s steps!

If they were led by “His Star” was the Star of Betlehem a planet then? Or some angelic activity? There are tons of evidence that planet was the case. Or both. But we will dig deeper into the massive Astronomical Evidence for His Star or the King Star more in the next question. Through the Heart & Eyes of the Ancient Worshipers.

Q #5: What Was The Star of Betlehem & Why Does It Matter?

And again another legitimate answer COMING SOON…

Thank You Honorable Wanderer & Stay Tuned!

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