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Below you will find our finest collection of knowledge and wisdom from our treasury. The most glorious gems with our short fun-filled reviews. With the help of these you can easily get started in Hebrew Astronomy and the most Important Aspects of Life, whether you are Christian or not. So by all means have cup of hot drink, grab a book and enjoy!

Witness of The Stars, E.W. Bullinger
Kregel Publishing

Witness of The Stars from the 19th century just does not require any further presentations. E.W. Bullinger sets both biblically and scientifically credible stage for the idea of the Gospel In The Stars in the light of Biblical history, Archaeology and Ancient Star Charts. The horoscope scam gets quite a ride from the True Super Star of Zodiac through devastating Cosmic Invasion which leaves no doubt what was, is and will be the Mother of All Stories – from Gilgamesh to Star Wars! A brilliant basic pedagogue for the In-Depth study of the ancient Star Names and Constellations from the Biblical perspective. Cons for the unfinished and old-fashioned page layout which is made of mere photocopies from the original 19th century texts. On the contrary that’s adds some originality and retro value.

4/5 golden turbans

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A Voice Crying In The Heavens, Robert Scott Wadsworth
Praise Publications (1996)

Mr Wadsworth has been characterized as “The Walking Encyclopedia of The Signs In The Heavens”  and not without a reason. This is The Book of Biblical Astronomy. Together with Biblical Astronomy DVD presentation by the same author, it changed our entire life and is MUST have combination for all Mazzaroth Fans! The greatest possible simple-to-understand introduction to the idea of the Voice Crying In The Heavens. Five turbans for this one.

5/5 golden turbans

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Simple Stargazing, Anton Vamplew

If identifying the constellations is driving you mad and you are not familiar with the home computer astronomy software at all, Simple Stargazing is very fine addition to your literature collection. Uncle Anton helps to identify the most common star patterns in the sky and we here in Legacy of Daniel are helping people to interpret them from the Biblical Hebraic perspective. As could be expected this secular book is filled with Hellenic skyculture and some cons for that… 

3,5/5 golden turbans


Joulun tähti (Christmas Star), Risto Heikkilä

Here is our ultimate all-time favorite! Finnish in-depth scientific study of the Betlehem Star which leaves nobody in doubt what was it if we have at least a mustard seed of Faith left in the possibilities of Modern Science and the Eastern Oldskool of Jewish Astronomy. Despite the book’s Lutheran (Roman-Catholic) theology and naming policy, all Mazzaroth and Bible Fans ju-st can-not o-ver-look this Classic. We ordered the last copy from Internet Antiquarian for a Sukkot Present. Forget Christmas and it’s fuzzy pictures because here we have perfect reading for Real Hanukkah about the Real Hanukkah Star!

4,5/5 Golden Turbans


Chronological Gospels: 
The Life and Seventy Week Ministry of the Messiah, Michael Rood
Aviv Moon Publishing

Another translation of the New Testament among others? Not at all folks but much much more!  In-Depth commentary through the 1st century Jewish eyes, original Hebrew and Aramaic texts, rich artwork and charts. And finally the Best Part: The Chronological Gospel Narrative synced 100% together with Biblical Hebrew Calendar, history and Messianic Mazzaroth Signs make the Gospels truly come alive like never before. You have definitely not heard these Biblical Depths in the Church nor Synagogue. With Rood’s familiar way of humor! All five stars on the all five turbans that’s for sure.

5/5 kultaista turbaania

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Evangelpreneur review

Evangelpreneur: How Biblical Free Enterprise Empower Faith, Family and Freedom, Josh Tolley
BenBella Books

Forget all the motivational speeches and Facebook memes on entrepreneurship which lead nowhere. Here is insanely motivating and practical set for Christians and non-Christians alike. An easy-to-understand and engaging guide for both beginner entrepreneurs and experienced business people who want to seek first of all the Kingdom of YHVH (God) and do business on that basis without compromising a single inch on Faith, Family and Freedom. By following this entrepreneur’s Brightest Star, nobody can’t step into the wrong path besides of one’s worldview whether Christian or not. If possible we would give Evangelpreneur six golden turbans. Extra praise for the beautiful layout.

5/5 golden turbans

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